A trial subscription on one radio cannot be transferred to another radio. Your ability to move Lifetime plans to another radio is limited and may be subject to a transfer fee. Please click here for more information on transferring Lifetime plans and other restrictions that apply to the 'replacement' or 'transfer of service' process. In My Car Many new and pre-owned satellite radio equipped vehicles come with an introductory trial. Ask your dealer for details. Find out what services are available in my vehicle. Stream 200 channels including commercial-free. Let's get started! We need some info to show you packages or special offers for your radio.

Sirius Xm Radio review rated 3.0/5.0 with 2 Comments: I purchased a Lifetime subscription for around 400 dollars in 2010. I was told I could transfer it 3 times before I had to purchase another plan. With the advent of Satellite Radio 2.0, I am frequently asked what this means for those that have a lifetime subscription from Sirius. Lifetime subscriptions were once made available to Sirius subscribers, and depending on how long your receiver lasts, might have been a good deal. Sirius XM will first try to offer you 1 year for $99 Say that is still too much or ask for a better offer and they'll offer you 6 months for $30 That's only $5 a month! Step 4 If CSR doesn't offer, cancel the cancellation request and just be. If you've ever bought a new car within the last few years, you probably have a trial subscription to Sirius XM radio. I think our trial subscription was for six months. SiriusXM is. I purchased a lifetime subscription nine years ago I transferred it once to a new car five years ago now I need to transfer it from that car to a new car and they won't let me transfer it unless The old radio is broken or stolen from the car.

2018/06/08 · Now that the trial sub. to Sirius expired on my Ford F-150, I'd really like to get a Lifetime sub with internet access thrown in. The strange part is 1 the offers I've received via email only mention the $77 deal for a year, and 2 on the SiriusXM website you cannot find any information on a Lifetime. Let me preface this by saying I don't consider paying for a service radio that can be obtained free for most without any work to be frugal by any means, but I live poorly positioned with large obstacles blocking the radio waves originating from the all the major metropolitan areas near my house, so for me it's a choice between satellite radio or no radio.

r/siriusxm: The officially-unofficial gathering place for Sirius, XM and SiriusXM satellite radio listeners, broadcasters and fans. I still have mine. The original Starmate radio died on me about 5 years ago. Now I just use the grandfathered.

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