Hygrophila difformis, commonly known as water wisteria though it is not closely related to true wisteria, is an aquatic plant in the acanthus family. It is found in marshy habitats on the Indian subcontinent in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal. It grows to a height of 20 to 50 cm with a width of 15 to 25 cm.[citation needed]. Aquarium plant: Water wisteria Hygrophila difformis. All the advice on water parameters, growth, lighting and fertilization of your plant! This beautiful Asian plant is widely used in aquariums and you can find it easily. However, its.

Hygrophila difformis is a very beautiful plant, and has been in cultivation in the aquarium hobby for many years. It originates from South and South-East Asia, where it grows in boggy areas. In Asia the plant is used in traditional medicine. Common Name: Water Wisteria, Water Sprite Wisteria is a popular stem plant that is extremely easy to care for and suitable for beginners. It can grow very tall but with frequent pruning, the plant can stay compact and low growing. Hygrophila difformis from Asia is beautiful and undemanding stem plant. Stems becomes 20-30 cm tall and 6-12 cm wide. A plant for beginners, which will help create balance in the aquarium from the start. Its rapid growth helps. It has survived in a low tech tank with 1.8wpg light, no ferts, no CO2 not even excel, but the growth has been slow and poor. I recently planted some more in my high tech tank with 2.88wpg light, EI ferts, injected CO2, and it is.

Hygrophila Difformis, commonly known as Water Wisteria. Hygrophila Difformis is very easy to grow and such as a beautiful plant for the tropical aquarium. It grows best in medium to high light along with a rich based nutrient. I grow wisterias in my 76 L tank and it is fast growing and hardy. Since I have only the standard aquarium top light with one 15 W fluorescent tube, I can say this plant can adapt to low light condition and still grow fast and gorgeously. 水中葉はキクの葉のようになり、ハイグロフィラの中では少し変わっていて面白い。丈夫な水草。 写真は5本をまとめて植えた時の状態です。 分類名 :双子葉 科名 :キツネノゴマ科 Acanthaceae 学名 :Hygrophila difformis. Hygrophila difformis Water Wisteria This plant has many leaf forms and plants can vary widely in appearance depending on the water quality, nutrients and light the plant is getting. It's really a very attractive plant and very fern like in.

Hygrophila Hygro Wisteria Next Hygro Willow Hygro Wisteria Hygro Wisteria 2.99 Sold as a bundle of four or more stems Each stem is about 5” to 9” in length or larger Scientific Name: Hygrophila Difformis Light Requirement: Low. Hygrophila difformis, also known as water wisteria, is a popular aquarium stem plant. It's a great, fast-growing addition to any shrimp tank and its easy care even makes it suitable for beginners. Its feathery, deep green leaves are sure. アストロビームやライブシーなどサンゴや魚の飼育用商品をトータル的にオリジナルで開発・販売。デルフィスブランドの商品情報をはじめ、水族館照明や設備の紹介/沖縄陸上養殖サンゴファームドコーラルズ/水槽システムの事例の紹介/店舗検索/カタログ請求など各種インターネット. - You get a potted Hygrophila Difformis.The photo is a sample from our stock. - Approximately size is 3x4x5 inches. - Hygrophila Difformis is fast-growing plant, perfect for beginning aquarist. - It's wonderful for aquarium community for.

Information about Water Wisteria at animal-, includes plant care and plant pictures of this hygrophila species along with plant structure and plant growth for these types of flowering plants including plant propagation of stem. Hygrophila difformis Water wisteria is loved by those in the aquarium hobby because it is undemanding, very attractive and easy to care for. Read more about this plant in the article “Water Sprite Care Guide – Planting, Growing and. Each order contains 1 bunch 3 stems of Hygrophila difformis, 3-5 inche in height A special light for aquatic plants is required to grow water spangles indoor, Stem plant, doesn't come with roots, once planted in substrate, roots. ウォーターウィステリア マーブル 販売単位 本(バラ) 別名 ハイグロフィラ・ディフォルミス マーブルウィステリア 学名(※) Hygrophila difformis difform[(葉が)異型の] (※)改良品種や学名が不明の種は流通名での記載の場合があります。. Simply remove any leaves from the bottom 1″ to 2″ of the stem, and new root growth will form from the last node on the stem. Please Note: As its scientific name suggests Hygrophila difformis the shape and form of Wisteria’s.

この項ではウォーターウィステリアのちょっとした情報を紹介していきたいと思います。 名前について まずは簡単にウォーターウィステリアの分類から紹介します。 流通名 ウォーターウィステリア 学名 Hygrophila difformis. Hygrophila Difformis prefer a high light, rich based nutrient substrate and CO2 for optimum growth. You will get 1 bunched of Hygrophila Difformis. each bunched has 3 to 4 fresh cut stems, without root. Please Note: As its scientific name suggests Hygrophila difformis the shape and form of Wisteria's leaves differ greatly depending on light and aquarium conditions. When your plant order arrives, it will appear different than its. 学名Hygrophila difformis“marble”。difformis→difform[葉が異型の]という意味。ウォーターウィステリアに独特の斑が入った水草です。画像のように葉の片側が緑で反対側が白~肌色であったり、葉の1部全体が白くなります。 細長く分岐した. Posted by Angela White on Feb 12th 2012 I am not sold on this plant. While the plants I received were very healthy, had lots of leaves, etc., plus I received a few spare plants, I.

Water Wisteria Hygrophila difformis has unique, branching leaves that provide a delightful textural contrast to your aquarium. The plants are easily propagated by cuttings, which may require supplemental iron for optimal growth. オギノツメ属(Hygrophila)は、キツネノマゴ科に分類される植物の属。約125種のうち40種は水生(水草)であり、アクアリウムで用いられることも多い。その場合、属名仮名読みのハイグロフィラが用いられることも多い。. Water wisteria Hygrophila difformis is a fast-growing plant popular for keeping ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites under control.It’s well known for providing shelter for scared fish and fry as well as a spawning site for egg scatterers. What.

Hygrophila difformis is a popular aquarium plant that has been in the trade for some time and is often sold under the name Wisteria. Hygrophila difformis has a very intricate leaf structure and a bright green color that makes it an.

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